About us

KIESOW DR. BRINKMANN is a group of companies specialised in the development, production and sale of mechanical and chemical processes for treatment and finishing of metal and plastic surfaces.

Our delivery programme comprises polishing agents, polishing and buffing wheels as well as polishing discs, products for industrial cleaning (degreasing), process baths for electrolytic deposition of metals and post-treatment systems (passivation / TOP coats). Moreover, we supply phosphating processes for pre-treatment in powder coating painting. In addition, we are also well-known as a trading company for basic chemicals, anodes and accessories.

As the only system supplier we are able to offer the hole range of expertise from polishing to final coating (sealing).

The parent company of our organisation - ERICH KIESOW - was founded in Berlin on 30th December 1921. Initially buffing compounds, polishing and buffing wheels were produced. The owner at that time sold the company to Mr. Friedrich-Wilhelm Brinkmann on 6th August 1935, since then it has been owned and managed by the family.

In 1950 the management and parts of the production were relocated in Detmold and during the subsequent period our activities have been supplemented by the addition of processes for chemical surface treatment. In Berlin, still continue to produce polishing and buffing wheels.

By means of constant checks in our laboratories we ensure the consistent quality standard of our products and hence meet the customers’ requirements.

With a strong sales and service team we offer our customers optimum advice and support.

Our products stand for decorative and technically sophisticated finishing.



                                 ... creating beautiful surfaces.