Customer Information on the further Use of Chromic Acid after September 21st, 2017

The European Commission has not yet submitted a proposal for the approval for CTACSub applications and is almost 1.5 years behind it. In principle, there is an obligation to submit the proposal within three months of receipt of...


REACH: No timely authorisations for chromic acid

REACH: No timely authorisations for chromic acid ZVO does not expect any decision on applications for authorisations by the "sunset date".  The so-called “sunset date”, i.e. the date from which chromium...


Reporting method Chromic acid

Filing of a report for authorised use by a downstream user: If you are a downstream user and, based on authorisation that was issued to an applicant before you in the supply chain, you use a substance included in the list of...


SURFASEAL 440 now with GSB approval

SURFASEAL 440 is a chrome- and phosphate-free pre-treatment for aluminium-, steel- and zinc surfaces. It is suitable for soak and spray systems. The conversion coatings generated by SURFASEAL 440 cause a very good adhesion of...


SAPHIR 2000 EPT Passivation Mechanism

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New Alkaline Zinc-Nickel Processes

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Cobalt-free Black Passivation for Zinc-Nickel Surfaces

Exhibitors PR "Oberflächentage 2014" (ZVOreport 5, November 2014)

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