PROQUEL OF with great success

Our product contains polyfluorinated tensides. These substances are used worldwide in large quantities as successor products to PFOA and/or PFOS and are currently in line with the state of the art. We purchase the raw material...


PROSEAL XZ 130 – Blue passivation with temper resistant colour

Our new chromium(VI)-free blue passivating agent PROSEAL XZ 130 produces on electroplated zinc surfaces a sparkling blue passive film which is retained even after tempering at 200 °C. Passivation functions at room temperature and...


REACH information for our customers

In connection with REACH we receive lots of inquiries from our customers. We would therefore like to inform you about REACH and the stage reached in our work. REACH is the EU legislation on chemicals and applies to all of...


Cobalt-free passivation agent for zinc

The PROSEAL series is a passivation system developed specially for high corrosion protection of zinc and zinc alloys. The new PROSEAL CF 270 is a cobalt-free thick-film passivation system with a very high corrosion protection...


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Preisexplosionen bei Rohstoffen und Energie gefährden Lieferfähigkeit des Produzierenden Gewerbes

Explodierende Rohstoffpreise setzen die Oberflächentechnik als Schlüsseltechnologie des Produzierenden Gewerbes wie schon 2008 unter enormen Druck und drohen, die Margen der mittelständischen Unternehmen aufzufressen


PROQUEL OF mit großem Erfolg

Unser Produkt enthält polyfluorierte Tenside. Diese Substanzen werden weltweit in großen Mengen als Nachfolgeprodukte für PFOA bzw. PFOS verwendet und sind derzeit Stand der Technik.

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