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Customer Information on the further Use of Chromic Acid after September 21st, 2017

The European Commission has not yet submitted a proposal for the approval for CTACSub applications and is almost 1.5 years behind it. In principle, there is an obligation to submit the proposal within three months of receipt of ECHA's opinion. 

Currently it is assumed that a decision could only be available in March 2019. 

After the "sunset date" the further use of chromic acid is only permitted for the uses for which the members of the CTACSub consortium have applied for authorization. 

The usual uses of chromic acid in our industry are all covered by these applications. 

We confirm that we purchase chromic acid exclusively from members of the CTACSub consortium, ensuring that your application is covered by the regulatory approvals. 

The members of the consortium CTACSub have now developed a support for the continued use of chromic acid: 

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