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Reporting method Chromic acid

Filing of a report for authorised use by a downstream user:

If you are a downstream user and, based on authorisation that was issued to an applicant before you in the supply chain, you use a substance included in the list of substances subject to authorisation (Annex XIV), you must report this use to the ECHA. 

If you use the substance, you must meet the authorisation conditions which your supplier must describe in the safety datasheet.

How do you find out whether your use of a substance from Annex XIV is admissible?

The safety datasheet that was made available to you by your supplier, contains the authorisation number. It can also be seen on the label of the substance or mixture. The authorization number is in the form “REACH/x/x/x”. Should you not find this number, contact your supplier.

Time limit and information to be provided 

The report to the ECHA must be made within three months of the substance being delivered to you for the first time. This obligation shall apply after the publication of the authorisation decision in the Official Gazette. 

Information that you need to provide:

The designation of your company 

The authorisation number and 

Contact data. 

In addition, you must present the information on the usual annual quantity of the substance and the number of employees using the substance.



Submit your report using the web form 

In order to be able to submit your report you must have an active REACH-IT account (see steps 1 and 2 below). 

1. Register with REACH-IT. (You can skip this step if your company already has a REACH-IT account.)

2. Log in to REACH-IT to activate your user account. (You can skip this step if you have already logged in to REACH-IT at least once.)

3. To submit your report as a downstream user with the help of the web form, click the button below and follow the instructions.