High-grade basic chemicals and anodes – optimally supplemented by proven accessories – are the basis of perfectly functioning electroplating baths.

Lead anodes, strips, tapes, wire

Round, tube or solid material, 
Flat, plane or profiled 
with or without insulation 
in various alloys made of Pb, Sn, Sb, Ag

Brass anodes

Plates, wire offcuts


Anode holders /hooks, anode baskets made of titanium, anode bags, pH papers,
float balls, filter discs, filter cartridges, filter cloths, 

Laboratory chemicals and glassware


Boric acid» Analysis
Chromic acid, crystalline / in flakes» Analysis
Potassium chloride» Analysis 
Sodium dithionite» Analysis 
Saccharin » Analysis
Activated carbon
Precious metal salts
Copper cyanide
Nickel carbonate
Zinc cyanide

On request we would be pleased to also make further analysis available to you!