Electroplating Processes

Electrolytes for the Electroplating Processes

Our customers all over the world appreciate and benefit from the excellent performance of our electroplating solutions which generate high quality metal deposits even under severe working conditions. The electrolytes are suitable for both barrel and rack plating.

CHELUX® cyanide copper electrolyte. Produces a dense fine crystalline layer.
RUBIN bright copper process. Dyestuff-based system. Brilliant deposits, high levelling action and excellent throwing power. Suitable for both, rack and barrel plating.
Pre ORION semi-bright nickel electrolyte, sulphur-free, because of the high potential difference to the previous deposited bright nickel layers corrosion resistant coating systems are obtained
ORION®, SIRIUS and POLARIS bright nickel electrolytes. High brilliant and ductile deposits in a wide current density range. Excellent levelling power.
MERKUR satin nickel process. Uniform semi-bright dazzle-free deposits with good finger print resistance.
SAPHIR® trivalent and hexavalent bright chromium process. Excellent bright throwing and covering power. Suitable for all common installations.
SAPHIR® hard chromium process. Very high current efficiency. Available with different catalyst systems.
SURFAPLATE Plastic Pre-Treatment
TOPAS alkaline/non-cyanide zinc process, tension-free deposits, excellent throwing power and layer distribution, can also be operated as Zinc-Iron-Electrolyte by using our additive TOPAS 3100 Fe. Data Sheet
AZUR acidic zinc process. High brilliant and ductile deposits at high current densities. Low foaming with air agitation. Also available as boric acid-free type. Data Sheet
OPAL alkaline zinc-/nickel process.
JADE Acid zinc/nickel process. Data Sheet
PROMAT cyanide zinc processes. High lustre deposits over a wide range of current density .Excellent bright throwing power.
KORONA® acidic bright tin process. For both, functional and decorative tin plating. Finger-print and tarnishing resistant deposits.
TURMALIN alkaline/cyanide-free copper electrolyte. Dense, adherent and semi-bright layers with excellent throwing power.