Plastic Pre-Treatment

Colloidal system

Type Description
SURFAPLATE ET–KS Chromic/sulphuric acid etchant
SURFAPLATE Reductor Reduction of hexavalent chromium
SURFAPLATE Activator–KS Colloidal palladium activator
SURFAPLATE Accelerator–KS To accelerate the removal of the tin colloid
SURFAPLATE EN 1000 Chemical nickel electrolyte, ammonia-free
SURFAPLATE EN 2000 Chemical nickel electrolyte, ammonia-containing

Direct metallization

Type Description
SURFAPLATE ET Chromic/sulphuric acid etchant for direct metallization
SURFAPLATE Reductor Reduction of the hexavalent chromium
SURFAPLATE Activator Highly active palladium activation for direct metallization
SURFAPLATE Selector Forms the electrically conductive matrix to which direct acid copper plating can be applied