Polishing and Buffing Wheels / Discs / Brushes

We can supply polishing and buffing wheels in a range of common sizes up to 1200 mm in diameter.

We only use selected, tightly woven, tear resistant cotton cloth. This top quality material is then enhanced through a chemical treatment, which greatly improves the performance and life of our polishing and buffing wheels, providing an added advantage of a reduction in the amount of buffing compounds to be consumed. Through many different forms of construction we manufacture, we are able to meet our customers needs, including the production of “tailor-made” products.

Our sisal buffing wheels and brushes are made from long fibre raw material which can be supplied in the natural form or with different impregnations as required. A special line in our range producing a satin finish are corrugated or laminated wheels made with a Scotch-Brite material (a fibrous pad with a cutting/polishing property).