Polishing and Buffing Wheels / Discs / Brushes

Abrasive wheels, matting discs and wheels

Our products are made from nylon fleece with embedded abrasive grain, they are manufactured in different wheel constructions and used for light sanding, burring, cleaning (incl. paint removal) as well as for various finishing techniques (satin, matting). By using different abrasive grains varying results from coarse to very fine can be achieved.

Mainly red fleece with aluminium oxide grain is used. Grey fleece contains the harder silica carbide grain.

Aluminium oxide Silica carbide
A 002 = A 80, extra coarse, approx. 80 grit S 004 = S 100, coarse, approx. 100 grit
A 004 = A 100, coarse, approx. 100 grit S 006 = S 180, medium, approx. 180 grit
A 006 = A 180, medium, approx. 180 grit S 007 = S 400, fine, approx. 280-400 grit
A 007 = A 280, fine, approx. 280-320 grit S 008 = S 600, very fine, approx. 500-600 grit
S 009 = ultra fine, approx. 900 grit

Density respective hardness of the matting discs and rollers are influenced by the number of lamellae. For special applications, the number of lamellae can be customized.

We offer the following standard versions:

Hardness 5
- LD - Low density - soft

Hardness 7
- MD - Medium density - standard

Hardness 8
- HD - High density - hard

A rotation speed of 15m/sec. should not be exceeded as excessive heat will cause the fleece to leave a residue that can only be removed by additional sanding. A lower speed will create a coarser matting picture. High application pressure will create higher heat, leading to premature wear of the disc.

Grinding and matting
  • V-Schleifringe EN
  • Combi-Bürsten
  • Mattierwellenringe Typ W
  • Doppelzungen-Mattierring
  • Mattierscheiben Typ P
  • Mattierscheiben mit Holzkern
  • Mattierungswellenringe
  • NC-Mattierungsringe
  • NC-Mattierungsringe
  • Mattierblätter
  • Faservliesrollen
  • Kleine Schleif- und Polierwerkzeuge