Polishing and Buffing Wheels / Discs / Brushes

Pre-polishing and brushing

Our sisal rings and sisal discs are used for light burring work as well as for coarse and fine polishing processes. Sisal fibre is obtained from the agave plant and processed to produce different fabrics.

In order to achieve the highest possible abrasion resistance, we process only fabrics and cords made of long sisal fibre. In some types of rings, pure cotton fabric is also incorporated in order to improve the polishing performance. We offer a large number of impregnating substances which increase aggressiveness and service lives and ensure better absorption of the polishing agents.

Impregnating substances Colour Hardness
D-25 Colourless Very soft and flexible, especially for aluminium and brass
SB Green Soft, slightly sticky, for aluminium in conjunction with cord brushes
D-35 Yellow Soft to medium hard, for all metals
D-50 Yellow Medium hard, for all metals
D-100 Red Hard, predominantly for steel and stainless steel
SA Orange Hard, preferably for steel and stainless steel
SA/C Blue Very hard, for steel and stainless steel
SA/C Extra Violet Extra hard, high aggressiveness, for stainless steel
Sisal discs and sisal wheels
  • Sisalwellenringe-SL
  • Sisalwellenringe-NC 30
  • Sisalwellenringe-NC 23
  • Sisalwellenringe (kompakt)
  • NC-Sisalfaltenringe WP
  • NC-Sisalringe D
  • Sisalfaltenringe MS plissiert
  • Sisalfaltenringe MS plissiert, 960 mm Ø
  • Sisalfaltenringe MSL-P
  • NC-Sisalringe
  • Sisalkordelbürsten
  • Fibrebürsten