Solid and Liquid Polishing Compounds

Range of solid and liquid compounds

At this point we would like to present our individual article groups within the field of solid and liquid compounds to you. Within each group you can find – arranged in the order of sharpness / abrasion – our special recommendations of tested and proven products.


Type Description
KRONE Grinding greases of various hardnesses refine polishing appearance and refrigerate during grinding, they increase the service life of our grinding belts and emery-glued wheels.
ABRA Grinding and brushing compounds with particularly stable grains are used for brushing, matting and satin-finishing of all metals.
KIESOLIN Pre polishing and polishing paste on all common metals and plastics.
REKORD Effective polishing compounds are intended for non-ferrous metals.
LUMO High-grade colouring compounds with special polishing grain produce brilliant lustre on all surfaces.
LEA-COMPOUNDS Grease-free compounds in various grain size distributions for satin finishing and also for burring.
SPECIAL COMPOUNDS Specialities, but not limited to, compounds for polishing of precious metals and plastics, diamond and PTFE-compounds.

Liquid compounds

Type Description
REGENT Grinding oils and compounds with various viscosities keep grinding belts open and improve grinding performance.
BRISOL Compounds for brushing and satin finishing of aluminium, iron and stainless steel.
KARAT High-pressure stable polishing compounds, tailored to all metals and plastics.
FINOX The finest colouring compounds ensure mirror-like gloss.