Solid and Liquid Polishing Compounds

ABRA: Grinding and brushing compounds

Article Colour Fe and steel Cu and brass Stain­less steel Alu­mini­um Mg and Zn Sharp­ness/ abrasion
1 = mild
Grease content Description Available formats
ABRA 153 Dark grey X X X 10 Dry Sharp matting compound, particularly for aluminium Hand-sized pieces, bars
ABRA 103 Black X X X 9 Greasy Solid compound with very good adhesion to the wheel Hand-sized pieces, bars
ABRA 110 Brown X X X X X 9 Medium Solid compound, economical in consumption Hand-sized pieces
ABRA 131 Grey X X 8 - 9 Greasy Particularly stable grain for effective brushing Hand-sized pieces
ABRA 135 Light grey X X X 8 Medium Good abrasion Hand-sized pieces
ABRA 154 Grey X X X X X 8 Greasy Repeatedly proven all-round-brushing compound Hand-sized pieces, bars