Solid and Liquid Polishing Compounds

LUMO: Colouring compounds

Article Colour Fe and steel Cu and brass Stain­less steel Alu­mini­um Mg and Zn Sharp­ness/ abrasion
1 = mild
Grease content Description Available formats
Lumo 915 White X X X X X 2 - 3 Dry Universal colouring compound with a certain amount of abrasiveness, also repolishing of nickel/chromium Hand- sized pieces, bars
Lumo 933 Blue X X X X X 2 Medium The "classic", special ingredients yield very good solubility of the greases. Bars
Lumo 939 Yellow X X X 1 Dry Fine lustring compound especially for non-ferrous metals and plastics Hand- sized pieces, bars
Lumo 912 White X X X 1 Medium Special mild compound for perfect colouring Bars
Lumo 1000 Yellow X X X 1 Dry Extra fine compound for the most beautiful gloss Hand- sized pieces