Solid and Liquid Polishing Compounds

REKORD: Polishing compounds for non-ferrous metals

Article Colour Fe and steel Cu and brass Stain­less steel Alu­mini­um Mg and Zn Sharp­ness/ abrasion
1 = mild
Grease content Description Available formats
REKORD 642 K Light Brown X X 7 Greasy Very good abrasion, rapid elimination of surface defects Hand- sized pieces, bars
REKORD 820 Brown X X X 6 Greasy Very good adhesion to the polishing wheel Hand-sized pieces, bars
REKORD 845 Brown X X X 5 Medium Classic tripoli polishing compound, REKORD 845/B for bars-sizes, REKORD 845 F, FF=greasy, extra greasy, REKORD 845/T = dry Hand- sized pieces, bars
REKORD 725 S Brown X X X 5 Medium High gloss compound particularly for aluminium Hand- sized pieces, bars
REKORD 600 Reddish brown X X 5 Medium Very good polishing wheel adhesion, especially for aluminium castings Hand- sized pieces
REKORD 740 Brown X X X 4 Greasy Well-adhering tripoli compound with particularly high-grade powder Hand- sized pieces