Solid and Liquid Polishing Compounds

Special compounds

Article Colour Application Sharp- ness/ abrasion
1 = mild
Grease content Description Available formats
PTFE compound KIESOLIN 560 TF Green Especially for hard chrome 4 Medium PTFE compound for improvement of corrosion protection and sliding characteristics, for sisal wheels Hand-sized pieces
Learok 308 Green Steel/ stainless steel 4 Dry Good material removal with fine gloss on steel / stainless steel, particularly for cutlery, needles, etc. Bars
KIESOLIN 321 Yellowish brown Plastics 1 - 2 Greasy High gloss on plastics, very good heat dissipation and antistatic effect Hand-sized pieces
Special compound A9 Pink Metals in general 1 Dry Polishing compound with very fine diamond powder Round rods
Special compound A3 S Blue Gold, silver 1 Dry Slightly more abrasive than comp. A-730 Round rods
Special paste A-730 White Gold, silver, titanium < 1 Medium Slightly greasier compound for precious metals Round rods
Rouge BS Reddish brown Gold, silver < 1 Very Dry Very dry compound for repolishing
of gold, silver
Small hand-sized pieces