SURFASEAL 440 now with GSB approval

SURFASEAL 440 is a chrome- and phosphate-free pre-treatment for aluminium-, steel- and zinc surfaces. It is suitable for soak and spray systems. The conversion coatings generated by SURFASEAL 440 cause a very good adhesion of...


SAPHIR 2000 (Trivalent Chromium)

Investment in the future


Nickel-free Zinc Phospahte Coating SURFACOTE 222/223

Our new phosphate coating produces a homogeneous, finely crystalline zinc phosphate coating on steel surfaces. This phosphate coating contains, apart from zinc phosphate, other metal phosphates, but no nickel. Hense it is...


SURFACLEAN 995 – borate-free liquid cleaning agent

Cleaning agents containing borate are frequently used for degreasing aluminium or other alkali-sensitive non-ferrous metals. Due to the buffering effect, borates stabilise the pH value of the degreasing solution, as a result of...


SURFACLEAN 688 – pH-neutral rust removal

Our liquid product removes oxide and scale layers from iron and steel surfaces at pH values between 6.0 to 7.0. In combination with degreasing agents from our SURFACLEAN range it can also be used in case of slight greasing of the...


PROSEAL Additive Yellow

Our product colours passivation coatings yellow, which were produced in our chrome(III)-containing PROSEAL passivations. CHARACTERISTICS: Solid powder product.The yellow coatings can be sealed with our sealings SURFASEAL WL...


TOPAS 3100 - alkaline, cyanide-free zinc process

TOPAS 3100 is an electrolyte formulated on a zincate basis, which is suitable for rack and barrel plating. Stabilisers entirely prevent the once feared retarded spangle formation. The electrolyte works at a zinc content of 11 –...

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