TOPAS 3100 - alkaline, cyanide-free zinc process

TOPAS 3100 is an electrolyte formulated on a zincate basis, which is suitable for rack and barrel plating. Stabilisers entirely prevent the once feared retarded spangle formation. The electrolyte works at a zinc content of 11 – 15 g/l and a caustic soda content of 110 – 150 g/l. The temperature should be 21 – 32 °C. The applicable current densities are between 0.3 and 3 A/dm³. 

The electrolyte is also characterised by the following features:

  • Very good film thickness distribution and depth scatter
  • Wide, uniform gloss deposition range
  • Ductile, stress-free deposition precipitation
  • Simple bath control (during operation only two additives are metered in)
  • Due to the low salt content, favourable and simple detoxication

For the operation of the TOPAS 3100 electrolyte the following additives are used:

  1. TOPAS 3100 Basis
    It contains all of the active substances permitting uniform zinc deposition.
  2. 2. TOPAS 3100 gloss additive
    It brings about a uniform gloss formation and improves the throwing power
  3. Stabiliser TOPAS 3100
    Used for the elimination of faults arising from the contamination of the bath
  4. TOPAS 3100 correction solution
    Acts together with the stabiliser TOPAS 3100 against contaminants which make themselves noticed by cloudiness or burning onto the Hull cell plate.

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